Is the Token System an effective method to manage the classroom?

What is the token system? It is a system developed by teachers, in order to regulate behaviors within the classroom. The tokens are used as reinforces for students. As parents we may question, what are the tokens trying to reinforce? Simply, reinforce good behavior in exchange for a reward. The token system can work in many different ways, such as; exchanging tokens, and earning certain rewards by completing tasks e.t.c.

As a teacher, the token system is highly effective, if it is grade level appropriate. The token system provides students opportunities to earn their rewards, by demonstrating modelled behavior. Rewards, provide reassurance that students are the ones being benefited. Every child is curious to know what they are getting in return.

The only thing is, that teachers should be careful that the token board doesn’t become boring and repetitive for the students. It is always a good idea to add in different reinforces, and perhaps change the methods of how students can earn the tokens. Also to be sure, that it isn’t too difficult or too easy for students to earn the rewards. It is important to create a balance of how often students can earn the rewards. Teachers should make it challenging enough to earn the tokens, at the same time setting a limit on the level of difficulty.


As parents, would you implement a token system in your home. Why or why not?

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