Kids and Technology


It is a new generation of technology. As we know it, students heavily rely on technology such as; Ipads, use of cellphones, laptops e.t.c. Since the new generation is highly effected by technology and it’s become its very own epidemic. As a result, it becomes a chain reaction, in which education takes a back seat. But it doesn’t have to, because there is always a way of incorporating technology with education. As parents, we can use technology as a tool of manipulation. Like they, “if you can’t beat em, then join em”.  The article below makes some great suggestions on how things like “family movie night” can contain educational material. Just because it doesn’t sound educational, does not mean there isn’t any insight that could be gained from it. I really like the concept of a conflict, or plot from a movie and using that as a teaching method for the child.

In addition, even media itself is a good way of having the child think for themselves. For example, in the current pop culture; what do certain song lyrics promote? What is right or wrong about some of things we are exposed to? These are all questions that promote inquiry based skills. As parents and teachers we don’t necessarily have to fight the system, but can implement some of the current knowledge that students acquire and turn into something more powerful.


Therefore would you agree that technology is a powerful form of teaching? Why or why not?




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