Does Music contribute towards your child’s learning?

Back in the day, there was always this misconception that music interferes or distracts a child from obtaining an education. However, that is not what our current studies suggest. One of the popular research studies read by many, is the one that suggests; “Kids who listen to Mozart perform better on tests”. Although I agree with this, but as I was conducting my own research, I stumbled across something interesting. This research made me realize that we have our ways of interpreting information that we come across. Although the source may be credible, but as teachers and parents we need to be able to look at a resource, and ask ourselves: “Is this practical?”.

Jeffrey Bush, a Music Education Professor, emphasizes that, students should learn how to read and play music, rather than just simply listen to it. The rationality behind this is, that students will develop new skills that they didn’t possess before. Although it is safe to say for some, that music does help with focus and concentration, but does it help conquer a new skill? No it does not.

Therefore, it isn’t really about listening to certain type of music that makes a person smarter. Instead it is about gaining new insight and acquiring new knowledge is what makes a person more open minded to new perceptions and ideas. I personally wouldn’t necessary place the word “smart” with the connotation of music.


How is music incorporated in your child’s world of learning?

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